Updating itunes library from ipod

Then, I opened Windows explorer and navigated to the folder where all of my music is and selected all the folders except the "Automatically add to i Tunes" folder.

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It always adds the new movies I've put in the i Pod Movies Folder.Then, I selected all songs in i Tunes and deleted them (they didn't delete off of my original library location).I then changed my library location back to where my music is located.If you'd read my question (and not only the title), you would know that I only use i Tunes to sync i Pod (as I can't just drag and drop my music into it).If you'd read my answer (and not only my name since you apparently don't like my answer to your question on Super User), you'd would know that the fact you only use i Tunes to sync i Pod has no bearing whatsoever on the answer provided. i Tunes use to pickup on new music I added but now you have to put it the "watch folder" and of course then it moves it from there into the library.

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